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Mad Honey - Mignon's Mad Red Honey

What is mad honey?

Real mad honey, also known as "mad red honey" or "rhododendron honey," is a special type produced by bees that feed on the nectar of certain rhododendron flowers in Nepal and Turkey.

The unique thing is its psychoactive properties, which can lead to feelings of euphoria.

The experience

Consuming mad honey can be a unique and mind-altering experience.

The active compound responsible for its psychoactive effects is grayanotoxin. When eaten, it can lead to a range of sensations, from mild euphoria to hallucinations.

This sweet treat is sought after for its therapeutic properties, especially in alternative medicine circles. Some advocate its benefits in treating conditions like sleep disorders, anxiety, hypertension and diabetes, while others seek it for its psychoactive effects.

The curious taste

One of the most attractive aspects of mad honey is its distinctive flavor profile.

Unlike the mild taste of regular honey, mad honey is more intense and offers a sweeter, smokey flavor. It is also red and much darker then traditional honey.

The mad honey buy

Where you buy mad honey from is important. Our real mad honey is sourced from Nepal and Turkey and is authentic. It's also 100% raw organic honey and nothing else.

Recommended dosage and effects

Consumption in small amounts, usually 20-30 grams, can lead to feelings of relaxation, warmth, and a tingling sensation.

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