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About 3CHI

A leader in hemp derived cannabis

3CHI leads with a commitment to high quality, consistent, and tested hemp derived cannabis products. Their ongoing efforts aim to unravel the plant’s complexity and craft cannabinoid solutions that offer superior therapeutic benefits.

Founded by a biochemist, 3CHI emerged from firsthand experiences of hemp’s therapeutic benefits. 3 CHI is at the leader in introducing lesser known cannabinoids to the market, enhancing purity and efficacy.

3 CHI innovation created testing standards that have significantly advanced industry practices.

Their collaboration with major platforms like Barstool Sports and NASCAR has not only grown their visibility but also mainstream acceptance of THC.

At 3CHI, their mission is to understand each cannabinoid, allowing them to craft superior formulas that outperform natural cannabis.

By focusing on individual cannabinoids, 3CHI strives to create products that not only achieve balance within the body but also enhance overall well being, making a profound impact on people’s lives.

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