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The best CBD salve for pain

This is the salve CBD experts choose. Our Pure Colorado full spectrum CBD Salve is excellent for topical pain relief.

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Lavender CBD Salve
Pure Colorado Front Slave Jar
Naturally Mignon CBD

Lavender Pure Colorado Full Spectrum CBD Salve

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Orange CBD topical salve jar
Orange cbd salve front
Naturally Mignon CBD

CBD Topical Salve for Pain Orange

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CBD Pain Relief Salve Jar Front
Scent free CBD Salve jar
Naturally Mignon CBD

Pure Colorado Full Spectrum CBD Pain Salve


CBD salve uses

Use our CBD pain salve for arthritis, muscle soreness and joint pain.

Each jar has terpene rich, full spectrum CBD oil infused into a moisturizing topical ointment. We make it with safflower oil, palm oil, organic beeswax and real essential oils.

Only hemp plants grown in Colorado are used to make our full spectrum CBD ointment.


How does it work?

A topical CBD salve is an ointment that contains cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant.

Use it for localized pain relief, reducing inflammation, and improving skin health.

It's also popular among athletes and people with arthritis, muscle soreness, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

When you apply our salve to your skin, it absorbs through the skin and interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates various physiological functions such as pain, inflammation, and immune response.

Does CBD salve actually work?

Our salve, infused with cannabidiol, works for various purposes, such as relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and improving skincare.

The effectiveness can also vary depending on several factors.

Cannabidiol Type and Quality: The source and quality of CBD used also greatly impact its efficacy. People generally consider high-quality, full-spectrum CBD salves (such as Naturally Mignon's) more effective because they contain a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes that provide therapeutic benefits.

Concentration: The concentration also influences its effectiveness. Higher concentrations of CBD provide more noticeable effects.

How to use CBD salve

Take the desired amount: A little goes a long way. Scoop out a dime-sized amount onto your fingertips.

Apply to the skin: Apply the salve directly to the affected area of your skin. Use a gentle, circular motion to massage it in thoroughly.

Massage and absorption: Gently massage the salve into your skin for a few minutes. This not only helps with absorption but also allows you to target the specific area where you need pain relief.

Wait for absorption: Allow some time for the CBD salve to be absorbed into your skin. The exact time can vary, but a few minutes is typically sufficient.

Reapply as needed: You can reapply to the same area or other affected areas as necessary.

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