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urb Vape Disposable THC Pen and Live Resin Cartridges

urb vape and disposable live resin THC carts offer a premium hemp based THC experience.

urb is dedicated to crafting exceptional cannabinoid concoctions that cater to the discerning tastes of connoisseurs while remaining accessible to the everyday user.

urb disposable cart and vape

Disposable urb vapes

urb has made a significant impact with its disposable THC pen with 3 gram cart. This urb vape stands out as a breakthrough, combining ease-of-use, portability, and unmatched flavor, all in a remarkably designed package.

Catering to the dynamic lifestyle of modern users, this disposable THC pen has redefined the vaping experience by eliminating the need for constant refills and recharging.

urb carts

urb's THC cartridge revolutionizes vaping with its sleek style, ample capacity, and top-notch performance.

It's the perfect match for today's vaper, pushing the boundaries with its cool features and unbeatable user experience.

Here's what makes the urb cartridge a game-changer: it packs a hefty 2.2 g cart e-liquid capacity, letting you vape longer and savor more. And for those always buzzing around, this is a real lifesaver.

What's live resin?

Live resin cannabis extraction is a sophisticated method of producing cannabis concentrates that preserve the plant's aromatic and flavor profiles to the highest degree.

This process involves freezing the cannabis plant immediately after harvest and maintaining this cold state throughout the extraction process.

The result is a highly potent, terpene rich concentrate that provides an exceptional sensory experience for users.

Live resin carts vs normal carts

Normal Vape Cartridges: These typically use cannabis concentrates extracted from dried and cured flowers. The drying and curing process can degrade some terpenes and cannabinoids, leading to a change in the flavor and potentially the effects of the final product.

Live Resin: The extraction process for live resin involves using fresh cannabis flowers that are frozen immediately after harvesting. This method preserves a larger spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are often lost in the drying and curing processes.

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