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What is Mad Honey About?

What is Mad Honey About? - Naturally Mignon CBD

Red Honey: Naturally Mignon's newest product is a non CBD product that is 100% organic honey, but with a twist. 

It's "honey with a high." Are you ready for the experience?

Mad Honey's Ancient Roots

Step into the captivating universe of mad honey, and feel the whispers of ancient traditions from Turkey and Nepal.

Recognized as deli bal (دلیبال) in Turkey and bearing the entrancing color of red honey, this isn't your traditional table honey. It's an intoxicating elixir, a testament to nature's wild side.

The Turkish affair: Deli bal

As you wander through the cliffs of Turkey's Black Sea region, you can almost taste the history of Turkish honey, or deli bal.

For centuries, this sweet honey has captured the hearts of locals, enchanting them not just with its taste but also with its euphoric essence.

Himalayas' Gift to the World

Venture into the Himalayan heartland, and you'll find communities cherishing their prized himalayan honey.

More than a mere sweet treat, they regard this red honey as a celestial gift, brimming with the powerful essence of its unique flora.

Red honey and traditional Honey: The great divide

So, what sets mad honey so distinctly apart from the regular honey on our breakfast tables? It all boils down to the flowers.

When bees forage on rhododendron blossoms, rich in grayanotoxin, they produce this intoxicating honey.

In contrast, traditional honey remains untouched by this potent compound, making it delightfully sweet but without the intoxicating twist.

The euphoric adventure begins

Embrace red honey, and you'll feel a surge of euphoria and intensified sensations.

Thanks to grayanotoxin, even a tiny taste can spark a dance of colors and emotions. A small dose might give you a gentle buzz, but tread cautiously: larger mad honey doses can sweep you into a whirlwind of vibrant experiences.

Is mad honey legal? Is mad honey legal in the US?

Different regions have varied answers, shaped by tradition and regulations. It's legal in most countries around the world except for South Korea. Australia has regulations that requires it to be tested.

It is legal in the US and US territories.

Mad Honey's embrace: How swift, how strong?

Curiosity might make you wonder, "How long does it take for honey to kick in?"

The embrace of mad honey is unique to each person. Typically, you might start feeling its touch anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Savoring the mad honey experience: A note on dosing

If you're diving into the mad honey world, embrace it with respect and reverence. Starting with a teaspoon can offer a delightful, emotional journey. Yet, like any powerful potion, know your limits to ensure a beautiful experience.

In the heartbeats of every drop of mad honey lies an epic tale, a fusion of history, culture, and nature's intoxicating embrace. It beckons, promising a journey like no other.


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