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Pure Colorado CBD Unscented Body Butter

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CBD unscented body butter

Our CBD unscented body butter and cannabis topicals made with pure CBD and natural ingredients.

Each 500mg CBD body butter contains 99+% pure CBD and no THC.

This is a premium hemp infused CBD rub made with all natural oils and beeswax. The scent free formula is safe for the chemically sensitive.

Use our unscented butter with CBD is a skin moisturizer for severely dry skin and eczema relief.

This is simply the best CBD butter for sale and it's made with the best ingredients. It's made with safflower oil, palm oil, beeswax, and pure 99+% pure CBD isolate.

This is a scent and fragrance free formula that is perfect for those that are chemically sensitive.

Organically grown hemp infused

Our Pure Colorado Unscented Body Butter contains 99+% pure CBD isolate and no THC. It comes from and proprietary hemp strain grown in Colorado's Southern Rocky Mountains.

CBD isolate is made from hemp oil extracted from the stalks and stems of organic industrial hemp plants. CBD isolate purifies the CBD and removes all THC as well as any toxins or solvents.

Our unscented body butter also comes scented with orange and lavender essential oil.

Guaranteed CBD potency

Our cannabis topicals are made with guaranteed CBD potency. Potency is certified by third party laboratory testing.

It is also guaranteed to have less than .03 THC as allowed by law.

Click here to see the CBD Certificates of Analysis.


Safflower oil, palm oil, beeswax, and CBD oil isolate.

How to use body butter

To use as a CBD rub, apply topically to the skin as needed. It can also be used on dry skin spots or as a lip balm.

Simply scoop out the CBD balm with your fingers and warm by rubbing hands before applying to skin.

Our CBD body butter is made with natural oils. Because of this avoid direct sun exposure after applying. It's also not recommend for use on the face.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disclosure

Naturally Mignon is a CBD skin care company. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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