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CBD Lotion Candles

Candles that are lotion? Yes!

Our CBD candles lotion is rich, warm and a super moisturizing wax and oil that softens the skin and feels heavenly.

Hand poured lotion candles have 500mg of pure CBD and is THC free. We make them with soy wax, shea butter, essential oils and coconut oil.

Simply light and wait for the wax to melt into body lotion. Blow out the flame and watch the candle that turns into lotion instantly change your mood and rejuvenate your skin.

Choose from three scents.

Purple Flowers Lotion CBD Candles
Single purple flowers candle jar

Purple Flowers Lotion CBD Candles


Citrus Mojito CBD Lotion Candle

Moroccan Leather Soy Wax CBD Lotion Candle
Square glass lotion candles

Moroccan Leather CBD Candle Lotion


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