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CBD for Athletes

CBD for Athletes - Naturally Mignon CBD

Is CBD for athletes?

The intense training regimens of elite athletes have long necessitated various methods for managing pain and inflammation.

Recently, the Journal of Pain Research published a study demonstrating that topical CBD pain salve use was both effective and safe among elite athletes.

The study aimed to assess the tolerability and safety of using topical CBD salve on elite athletes who reported pain or inflammation from their athletic activities.

The study involved the application of a topical CBD salve containing 500 mg of CBD per 2 oz to the affected area twice daily for three weeks.

Participants also completed a daily pain and side effect diary throughout the study period.

Results of the study showed a significant reduction in pain levels among participants over the three-week study period.

The second week witnessed the greatest reduction in pain levels, with an average pain score decrease from 6.48 to 2.26 at the end of the study.

The majority of participants also reported better sleep quality, with less trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Furthermore, the study found that the topical CBD salve use was well-tolerated among the participants, with only minor side effects reported.

If you are interested in trying a CBD ointment for your topical pain, Naturally Mignon offers a CBD Pain Salve in scent-free, lavender and orange. Our salves were not used in the study mentioned above, but our customers reviews speak to its effectiveness.

Six participants reported experiencing skin irritation, which was mild and quickly resolved with continued use of the CBD ointment.

There were no reports of serious adverse effects throughout the study period.

The study's findings add to the growing body of research indicating that CBD can help manage pain and inflammation.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a key regulator of pain, inflammation, and other bodily functions, resulting in reduced pain and inflammation and overall well-being.

For many elite athletes, CBD has become a popular alternative to traditional pain medications that can have negative side effects and be addictive. CBD, on the other hand, is non-addictive and has few reported negative side effects.

In conclusion, the study provides evidence that topical CBD salve use is effective and well-tolerated among elite athletes.

As more research is conducted in this area, we can expect to see a clearer understanding of the potential benefits of CBD for pain management and overall wellness.

If you would like to use a CBD ointment for topical pain, Naturally Mignon offers scent-free, lavender and orange CBD Pain Salve. Please note, our CBD pain salve was not used in the study. However, customer reviews are a good indicator of its effectiveness.


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