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CBD and Alcohol - What are the Effects?

CBD and Alcohol - What are the Effects? - Naturally Mignon CBD

Have you ever wondered if it is safe to use both CBD and alcohol? 

Interestingly enough there are limited studies revealing benefits of combining the two.  

Why do people use CBD oil and alcohol?  Most like both substances because they help us to relax. 

A 1979 study in Pscychopharmacology showed that with a 200mg dose of CBD and 1 gram of alcohol per kilogram of body weight caused participants to have increased effects of the alcohol, i.e., they got drunk.

Here's the contradiction:  The same 1979 study found the participants who had both alcohol and CBD vs those who only had alcohol had lower blood alcohol counts (BAC) than those who had alcohol alone.  Why is this notable? The higher the BAC the more "drunk" a person is.  It appears that combing the two substances can heighten the effect of the alcohol despite the BAC being lower.

It's well understood that too much (some say any amount) of alcohol is detrimental to our health. Everything from poor decision making, heart and liver disease and diminished cognitive ability.

This is why a 2013 study is so exciting.  In this study, rats that were already neurologically impaired, reduced their brain damage by 49% after applying CBD rub topically to the skin.

Additionally, a 2014 study on rats taking CBD oil revealed that their livers were protected and their liver cells regenerated faster, resulting in less damaging effects.

Furthermore, a study on rats addicted to alcohol had less interest in alcohol after taking CBD.

If you like to drink, keep in mind that the CBD oil may enhance the effects of alcohol while at the same time reducing the negative effects alcohol can have on the body.


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