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What is a Lotion Candle?



That's the first response I get when I introduce customers to my new, luscious body soy lotion candles.

I call these 2 in 1 candles. They are stylish, fragrant and clean burning soy wax candles. But they also double as a warm, sensual body lotion that is an incredible skin moisturizer.

Please note, this product is CBD free.

These candles have natural anti-aging properties and are loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins A, E and K.

Simply light the lotion candle and wait for a pool of melted, buttery lotion to form. Blow out the flame and dip your fingers into the waxy, oily goodness.

Candle lotion can be used anywhere on the body except the face. Many of my customers tell me they use it on the hands and have a lot of success treating severely dry skin and eczema patches.

Don't worry. These body butter candles are safe for the skin. They are made with cosmetic grade organic soy wax, coconut oils and natural essential oils.

They are also free of any artificial fragrances, GMO free, paraben free and vegan.


Soy bean wax is the wax of choice because it is natural, clean, safe and soft. It has a low melting point temperature and burns long and slow.

Soy wax is also best for giving off the fragrance of the essential oils.

When the soy wax candle is lit it creates a melt pool that is only about 125 degrees. That's just the right temperature.

There is no burn. It just feels warm and lovely.

Looking for a way to spice things up with your partner?

A lotion candle can create a warm massage oil that can add another dimension to your sexy time.


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