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CBD Facial Care

CBD face brightening cream and wash

Our brightening CBD facial cream and glycolic acid wash strip away layers of dead skin cells, giving you a young and radiant appearance.

A CBD facial has the ability to brighten, gently exfoliate, and eliminate dirt and excess oils.

The foundation of both products is glycolic acid, a potent and proven skincare ingredient that offers a range of benefits.

The power of CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) also has powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help soothe and calm the skin.

Additionally, CBD offers topical pain relief and protection against free radicals, preventing premature aging and promoting overall skin health.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). The primary role of glycolic acid is to exfoliate your skin gently, removing layers of dead skin cells.

It not only unclogs pores but also promotes the growth of new, healthy skin cells, leaving your face looking fresh and ageless.

The skin brightening effect of glycolic acid helps fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. This gives your face a luminous glow.

Improved Skin Texture: Regular use of products containing glycolic acid results in a smoother, more refined skin texture. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin appear more youthful.

Enhanced Absorption: One of the benefits of glycolic acid is its ability to enhance the absorption of other skincare products.

When used with our glycolic acid moisturizer, it optimizes the penetration of CBD into your skin, magnifying its positive effects.

The dynamic duo

For the best results, use both our CBD Brightening Moisturizer and glycolic acid wash as part of your daily skincare routine. These products complement each other.

The Importance of daily skincare regimen

Incorporating our CBD facial cream and glycolic acid wash into your daily routine is a small investment with enormous returns.

A consistent skincare regimen ensures that your skin reaps the full benefits of CBD and glycolic acid. Here's how to make the most of it:

  1. Start with CBD Face Wash: Begin your skincare routine by applying a small amount of Face Wash gel to damp skin. Gently massage it in circular motions, allowing the glycolic acid to exfoliate and the CBD to cleanse and refresh. Rinse with warm water.
  2. Apply CBD Glycolic Acid Moisturizer: After cleansing, apply a generous amount of moisturizer to your face and neck. The CBD and glycolic acid will work together to rejuvenate your skin from within, providing long lasting hydration.
  3. Consistency is Key: For the best results, use these products consistently in the morning and evening as part of your daily skincare ritual. With time, you'll notice a remarkable improvement in the texture, tone, and overall health of your skin.

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